Ask the world something

Receive millions of responses from humans around the globe to refine your strategy, and grow your business.

Ask for transparency

Never worry about your click through rate again. Set your enquiry, budget and pay for each user you reach.

Enhance every marketing campaign

Test marketing funnels. Check the power of your call to action. Gather data about your market prices.


Three powerful functionalities

Data scraping

Ask humans to check a website for a given value, and return it. Facilitating a new wave of on-chain numerical data on anything from price comparisons, to follower counts, data scraping can be used to build or inform almost any application.

Multiple choice

Learn about the public’s thoughts, plans, purchases, and preferences. Multiple choice implicitly delivers more data to you - answers with alternatives take on a different significance, as do the options less frequently chosen.

A/B Testing

Determine what people like, and what they don’t. Test ideas. Products. Logos. Tag lines. UX. Get new data, and validate your strategies.

Ask for innovation

Better market research

Better data

Because you are asking real people, not AI, the data you receive will be more accurate, and relevant. Better data will produce fewer false positives, and gives you more ‘bang for your buck’.

Global reach

Reach audiences across the globe to mitigate bias and common research mistakes. Ask Athena networks are truly global to deliver you with broader data that can deliver deeper, more trusted information.


Reach statistical significance in your research in a faster and a cheaper way. Approach a 1:1 CTR by validating your approach with significant data.